Navel gazing season

Whoo hooo! Here’s our annual blog post.

After a very interesting year, we’re doing a little navel gazing, in other words working how we’re going to do things in 2021 and whether we’re going to make any changes. Correction: we’ll definitely be making changes, so it’s just a question of which ones.

If you’re doing a similar thing, you might be reviewing your online presence. There are a lot of things to check, most of which affect people’s ability to find your site on Google. These things include…

>site speed (ie how quickly your site comes up when someone clicks on a link)

>is your site ‘secure’? (ie is it an ‘https:’ site)

>how frequently the site is updated (Google doesn’t bother checking up on sites it knows are pretty static)

>is the information on your site ‘useful’? In other words have you got enough info on what you do on your site?

>do all your links to other sites still work?

>do you have any links to your social media sites which either don’t work or where you just haven’t kept those social media sites up-to-date?

One way of keeping a website up-to-date, especially if there’s not a lot to update on existing pages, is to have a blog, which acts as a sort of online newsletter. Just schedule into your diary a few hours once a month for example, to write a short update.

Each of these ‘posts’ is a page on the site, so do this for a year and you’ll have an extra 12 pages on your website. Google doesn’t specifically care about how many pages you have on your site (as a matter of fact, it only considers individual pages, not whole sites, when ranking pages in its search engine), but the more you have (unless they’re all full of rubbish) the more likely you will have some pages well ‘ranked’

This is a massive simplification of course, but this is more or less how everything works.

Content is all sorts of things, but written content is still perhaps the easiest to put together, unless you’re a video whizz of course.

It goes without saying that if you have writer’s block or just don’t have the time / energy / etc to create this content… get in touch!

BTW naval gazing would be something else entirely!

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