Did someone say tight deadline?

WeWriteStuff is a small team of professional writers from diverse backgrounds. We are very different from each other but united in our love of writing!

It’s not always easy, but it is always interesting, sometimes fun, and very rewarding when completing a project for a client, whether it’s just a few hundred words or many thousands.

What types of written content can we help you with?

Our clients need a very wide range of different types of writing, both in terms of subject matter and how the words are ‘delivered’. Check out this page for a more detailed breakdown of the different topics our team has written about.

The sorts of ‘stuff’ we write…

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Client Interviews
  • Newsletters (email and print)
  • News Releases
  • Reports
  • Sales Copy
  • Short Guides
  • Social Media Copy
  • Taglines
  • Website Copy

So get in touch if you need any of these. Or if there’s something else! If it’s written content you need, call us on 0493 078149.

NOTE: All content may of course be subject to professional medical association guidelines on advertising, however almost all of the content we write is factual content relating to conditions, procedures and medical research.

Writing for the web.

Writing that is designed to appear on the internet needs to be ‘Google friendly’. This mean, first of all that it must be ‘unique’ content. That is, not cut and pasted from somewhere else on the web.

All content we provide to our clients is unique, although of course it will often be put together from multiple sources, many of which will be web-based. Once we have written the content for you (and you have paid us for the work!) then 100% of that content belongs to you.

There is much talk about ‘SEO* friendly’ writing, but Google is smart enough to realise how useful an article is, and who it will be useful to, without you having to (unnaturally) pepper keywords or phrases throughout the copy.

Good quality writing that is informative and helpful will always beat copy written specifically for SEO.

*Search Engine Optimisation