If you work regularly with clients in the medical space or you’ve just landed a medical website project, you’ve come to the right place.

If the site is a ‘freshen up’ of an existing site that is already ticking all the boxes (getting good pagerank in Google, secure, responsive, looking good etc) then no new or reworked content may be required.

If however the client is hoping the new site will be more easily found in search engines, a big part of the solution will be written content… detailed information about who they help and what they do.

If the client is happy to write all of this themselves then great! If not – or if the project stalls due to delays in delivering the final copy to you – then professional medical copywriting may be the answer (we often get a call when the client realises they simply don’t have the time to write the content).

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that all content is…

  • Unique – no cutting and pasting here
  • Up-to-date and sourced from recent and reputable online sources
  • Written in the appropriate style – if most readers are patients, content will be written in an accessible style, if most readers are medical professionals, it will be in a more technical style
  • Not written ‘for SEO’ as such. Good informative explanations of topics at an appropriate wordcount score highly in search engines, as long as all the technical stuff (that you do) is in place

Whatever medical field your client is in, rest assured that the WeWriteStuff team has probably written about it, with over 950 conditions and procedures pages and articles written for medical specialists in 18 different fields, from neurologists to orthopaedic surgeons to cardiac specialists and many others.

Our Approach

You and your client must be delighted with the copy we write. But we don’t take this for granted. That’s why we don’t plough through a project without consultation. You and the client are presented with initial drafts on typically two pages, to make sure you and your client are happy with our approach. We’re also happy to explain why we recommend a certain approach and style, however of course both you and the client must be happy with our work. If necessary we make changes to these initial drafts until everyone is happy. Only at this point do we complete any remaining pages, sticking to the agreed approach/style.

The Proof of the Pudding

How is success defined? If the aim is to be found online, then one measure of success is whether the client’s site can be found for search terms relating to the conditions they treat and the procedures and treatments they offer.

WeWriteStuff medical clients often see our content on their sites achieving Google (AU) page 1 status and in some cases even the top ‘snippet’ position. Some clients appear on page 1 of Google (AU) for multiple relevant search terms. The power of great content! Although of course we cannot guarantee any specific positioning in search engines, great content certainly helps.

If you’ve got some questions, or you’re ready to roll and you’d like a quote, contact us either at or give us a call on 0493 078149